The Ultimate Wig Washing Tutorial

At Aegyo Human Hair Wigs, we put a lot of emphasis on wig longevity. The necessary steps it takes to care for a human hair wig aren't exactly common knowledge, but we're here to help!
Follow this step-by-step guide to ensure you're making the most out of your wig's wash day.
  1. Gently de-tangle the hair starting from the tips and moving up. We recommend a wooden brush, as the bristles tend to distribute moisture a lot better than plastic bristles.
  2. Hold the wig at the top/by the hairline letting the hair fall straight down as it would naturally on your head. Run COLD water over the unit until completely soaked. (For certain hair colors, some bleeding is normal. You can wear plastic gloves if you feel it is necessary.) DO NOT USE HOT/WARM WATER. Hot water can potentially rinse out your wig's hair-dye.
  3. Continue to hold the hair in the above position. Take your conditioner and completely douse the hair. At our salon, we go a little bit overboard! Make sure you get the underside and at the base of the cap/follicles. DO NOT USE SHAMPOO.
  4. Place the hair in a thin shower cap. We prefer using disposable ones, as the material is thinner than normal shower caps. Use a pin or clothes-line clip to close the shower cap so that no moisture will escape. 
  5. Set a blow dryer next to your shower cap. Begin running the blow dryer on a medium setting to start. If you notice that the shower cap/hair isn't warming up, turn the blow-dryer higher. 
  6. Let the hair sit in the bag for a deep conditioning treatment. We recommend a minimum of two hours, but some people prefer to wait overnight for the maximum effects. 
  7. Before removing the wig from the shower cap, let it cool down until COLD. This may take up to an hour and a half depending upon the thickness and length of the hair. If you do not wait until the hair is cold, you may run the risk of rinsing out your wig's hair-dye. 
  8. Once the unit is cold, rinse the excess conditioner out. Continue holding the unit on the top/by the hairline. 
  9. Use a towel to squeeze out some of the excess water. Apply your leave-in conditioner product. Focus on the ends of the hair.
  10. Think about where you intend on placing your part. Use a fine-tooth tail comb to create your part while the wig is still damp.
  11. Let your unit air-dry OR blow-dry on a medium/low-setting. 
  12. Use a wig knot-sealer on the inside of your cap/lace to seal any hair-follicles that may have become loose during washing. 

We know it looks like a lot, and washing your wig for the first time may seem intimidating. But once you've done it a few times, the process will most likely become second nature.

If you still have questions or need help, contact us at . We'd be happy to assist you! 

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