Best Conditioners for Your Wigs

For a wig that has been bleached and dyed, only a co-wash is necessary. This refers to the process of washing the hair with conditioner (and skipping shampoo).
Shampoos tend to be too harsh and strip moisture from already immensely thirsty hair follicles! So instead of poo', lather your wig with any of the conditioner brands listed below. Let the conditioner sit in the hair (in a plastic bag) under heat for a minimum of two hours. Let the hair cool down until cold (very important) before rinsing out the conditioner with cold water. Make sure to wait until the wig is cold before rinsing, otherwise you'll wash out the hair color.
So what brand of conditioner do we recommend?
At our salon location, we actually mix all three of the above together for the ultimate conditioning product! You get a combination of of color protection, silk proteins, and moisturizing oils to make sure your wig stays bouncy and soft. 

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