• Gently de-tangle hair daily (and before washing) with a wide-tooth comb or wooden brush with wooden bristles. Start from the bottom of the unit (the tips) and make your way up.

• Wash hair with conditioner only. Soak hair in cold water before dousing with the conditioner of your choice. Put the wig inside a plastic shower cap and sit under heat for around two hours minimum. Let the hair cool until cold in the shower cap (very important) and rinse with cold water.

• To moisturize, use a small amount of leave-in conditioner on damp hair.

• Let hair air dry.

• Do not add oil or grease to dried hair. Instead, use a silk serum before flat-ironing or curling.

• Store hair in a silk bag when not in use. If you are sleeping with the unit on, wear a silk bonnet to bed.

• Use minimal heat when styling. Set all styling tools to 330° F or less (low setting) when styling hair. This will decrease heat damage and curtail fading of hair’s color.




• All wigs come with clips and adjustable straps. For further support in securing the wig to your head, use hair bonding glue or a wig grip.

• Use an edge control gel with an edge control brush to style baby hairs.

Wax sticks can help tame any flyaway hairs that may occur due to climate or static during shipment.

• After extended use, it is normal to experience light shedding. If you notice this, use a wig knot sealer to prevent further issues.

• Use a matching foundation or concealer on your parting space and hairline to create the illusion of a scalp.


For more information on wig upkeep and styling, please visit our blog