Best Leave-in Products for Your Wigs

Colored human hair has been through many processes; bleach, dye, and heat. These chemicals are necessary to achieve the bright colors we feature in our shop. Even if a unit requires semi-permanent dye (sometimes seen as less damaging), our staff takes extreme care in ensuring the hair comes out healthy and strong. 

Truth be told, the longevity of a unit relies heavily on upkeep and protection. Neglect a wig and it won’t stay healthy, just like the hair on our heads.
We always recommend a deep, warm conditioning treatment for wig-washing (no shampoo). So what about leave-in products?

Don’t wait to add product after the hair is dry! Do it while it’s still damp (post-co-wash and light towel drying). You need a good leave-in product to protect the hair from heat damage, prevent tangling, and keep the hair shiny/smooth.

We recommend the following:
- Olaplex Bond Smoother (mix this with one of the top products)

Nothing else works like these do! You won’t get the same effect.
Apply while the hair is damp. Then re-apply a little bit (not too much) of either serum just before curling/flat-ironing.
Your hair will feel buttery-smooth and last a lot longer!

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