Choosing a Human Hair Wig

If you're unfamiliar with human hair wigs, selecting a wig might seem slightly overwhelming. With this guide, we hope to give clients a better idea of what they should be looking for in a wig (depending upon their needs).



"Lace fronts are wigs with lace in the front and machine weft at back. This thin lace extends from ear to ear across the hairline. All lace front wigs have additional lace material in the front so that customers may customize it accordingly. After customization, the lace area will create the illusion of “scalp” when the hair is parted in that area."

For folks that are unfamiliar wigs, lace front units tend to be easier to install. Since there is only lace in the front, the rest of the cap is made of a stretchier material that can fit snug around your head without much effort. You can secure these wigs down with nothing more than clips/elastic bands, and many people opt out of using glue to secure the hairline (as it is already flush against the scalp.) This is perfect for first-time wig wearers who may be unsure of how to install their unit. It's also ideal for clients that want to be able to easily remove the wig at the end of the day.

Lace front units tend to be cheaper as only the front of the wig has hair knotted by hand. However, this means that you can only part the hair in the front. If you attempt to part in the back (where the wefts area), you will be able to see the tracks.


"A full-lace wig has lace across the -entire- cap. There are no wefts." This means the entire cap has been knotted by hand. You can part the wig anywhere (even in the back) and you will still have the illusion of a scalp.

Full lace wigs are very versatile, as you can create more realistic styles with things like braids or twin-tails! However, because of their versatility and construction, full lace wigs tend to be more expensive than lace front wigs.

It is also slightly more difficult to install this type of wig. The lace material covers the entire cap and isn't exactly stretchy. So while we do include elastic bands and clips, it is highly recommended that clients secure the hairline down with a safe adhesive. (Many clients opt to have these wigs installed by professional hairstylists rather than doing it at home.)

That being said, this type of wig is probably more ideal for the client that wishes to wear the wig at all times (even to bed). It also more ideal for the client that is a veteran wig-wearer.


At Aegyo Human Hair Wigs, we offer our wigs in various densities/lengths. (Density refers to the weight and thickness of the wig's hair.) We find that our clients have vastly different preferences in hair thickness/length, so we'd like to offer some suggestions on how to pick the right option based on your needs.

130% DENSITY - Perfect for everyday wigs. Thinner hair tends to be easier to style, but we do not recommend this for voluminous/glamour styles. This density is also perfect for bone-straight looks.

150% DENSITY - A nice medium between thinner and thicker densities. Choose this is you want to switch between everyday styles or something a little more fancy (like bombshell curls or loose curls).

180% DENSITY - The perfect density for high-fashion, glamorous looks. Choose this if you want to wear your wig to an event/photo-shoot. This density works if you're looking for something with volume, however, these wigs may be slightly more difficult to style. We do not recommend this density for bone-straight hair.

We find that first-time wig wearers feel more comfortable with hair no longer than 18 inches. Beyond that point, hair can feel slightly heavy for someone that isn't used to wearing a unit. Longer hair lengths can also be slightly more difficult to style. That being said, if you're a long-time wig wearer, longer lengths may be no problem for you. You can create eye-catching, luxurious looks suitable for events and outings. 


This is a subject we get asked about a lot! Many clients often feel that certain colors may not suit them, or that a wig may clash with their skin.


People with dark and light skin-tones can effortlessly pull off any color. 

So if you're still looking for suggestions, we recommend clients observe only their wardrobe and make-up when deciding on a color. Or perhaps there is an event/holiday coming up that you've already planned an outfit for?

Furthermore, think about what you're most comfortable with. For some, colorful hair is the cherry-on-top to their daily ensembles. For others, sticking to more natural colors like blonde or brown may make them feel beautiful.

Regardless, never limit yourself based on skin-tone!

We hope this guide helps you determine what type of human hair wig you'd like to purchase. If you still need help or have additional questions, feel free to e-mail us at

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